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Jawwah Trading Group (JTG) has grown rapidly by consistently delivering leading-edge services in the markets we specialize in. Over time, the Group continued to conduct its diversified business. In addition to the changes that have resulted from the economic and social renaissance, the Group has increased its focus on the services sector and the modern industries to meet the needs of the market. The Group works today in many of vital areas including engineering consultancy, advertising services event management and real estate marketing, as well as its leadership in 3D modelling and souvenirs sector.

Business sectors

advertising & public relations

media & event management

3d modeling & souvenirs

urban planning & consultancy

real estate marketing


Jeemat is a full-service advertising and integrated digital marketing agency specializing in graphic design, branding, sales promotion, strategic planning, social media management, production, and public relations.

Media & Event Management

  Pradvent seeks to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, concerts, or conventions. In addition, It involves studying the event, identifying its target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event and managing all its operational and organizational programs.

3D Modeling & Souvenirs

  Precise Models (PMT) designs and develops 3D models with the finest detail and manufactures of the best quality materials. “PMT” has two trademarks which have various products including models and souvenirs for the two Holy Mosques as well as many landmarks, pieces, military and civilian aircrafts.

Urban planning & consultancy

  Hassan Jawwah URP Consultancy provides many professional services in planning, urban design, landscape, and environmental studies. It provides site solutions that satisfy the clients’ needs while strengthening the relationship between cultural, social and natural systems.

Real estate marketing

  Jeemat Real Estate Marketing provides a wide array of marketing and creative solutions to some of the selected real estate development companies. we have a clear understanding of the marketing needs of the real estate industry and the expertise to create solutions to serve these needs.

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